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Apr 12, 2013

Here is a Post That Will Help You Find my Older Tutorials

As the week passed by so fast, and I'm still in a middle of editing my book and some of my new tutorials, which will come out real soon, in a matter of days, and I'm actually very excited about that. I didn't had the chance to create any new tutorials to upload this week, but I did wanted to reuse my older posts and to be precise,  my older video tutorials and the reason for that is that each week I get an email from someone asking me to make some tutorial and most of the time it's something that I already did. So I thought, it's probably not that easy to find them on my Youtube channel, and I should make some order for my readers and this post will be all about old tutorials and not so old tutorials.

Midsole/ Insole How Do You Do It

Feb 2, 2013

How to make shoe pattern with folds

It is example for basing sandal with folds

 I want to show you how to make this kind of pattern. This is one of the existing methods.

Basic model
1) Tape adhesive tape on the shoe last , draw a sandal , cut and paste the  adhesive tape pattern on a piece of cardboard. Reference to the first 2 points in the previous post about the T Strap Sandals.

Nov 22, 2012

Single cut pattern for high heel pumps

Boat shoes model, in spite of its apparent simplicity is one of the complex shoes to make. The complexity is in precise of lines that are to be performed. It is in the crew neck, in the so-called cleavage, concentrated all the beauty of the shoes, which should emphasize the graceful curve of the foot. 

Therefore, in the construction of boats all the focus on finding beautiful deep cut on the last
. When I was in Italy, I took a course conducted by boots pattern teacher, who was nicknamed the King of boats. His name was Bruno. He was already retired, but he was still invited to all the shoe factories in the area where I went to school, to make pattern of a boat for them. This wonderful teacher showed us an interesting method for constructing single cut pattern pumps with high heels. It is quite difficult to do and requires a lot of experience. I want to show and explain to you the key point of this method. How from basic pattern, requiring dividing boat patterns on two parts (the seam on the inside of the boat), to make a single cut basic pattern.

Step by step guide "Single cut pattern  for high heel pumps"

Sep 4, 2012

The battle : men shoes vs women shoes

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          The battle :  men shoes vs women shoes

I've always thought of men's shoes as a limited piece of footwear design and never paid special attention to it. Therefore, it was difficult to adjust to its specificity, different from women's shoes, when I worked for the past two weeks to create a men's collection of shoes for one company. By the way why this is why, I did not write my regular weekly post, my apologies , but I was too busy.
At first, all the shoes looked too feminine, just much bigger. After an exhausting day of working long hours, I finally got to shift to male shoe design, first glimmers of hope appeared that I could still make the best of it. Then I came to enjoy designing this kind of footwear and now I find men's shoes ,of course not all of them, very interesting, so much so that it in many ways superior to women footwear design. First of all the upper shoe pattern in men's shoes is divided into multiple geometric elements, which in women's shoes is very rare and if you do find it, then it looks just a little bit over the top, in my opinion. Can also be created fairly clean and minimalistic design with some main, unusual element, which may be just an interesting stitch or a rich pattern leather. I just love the use of different seams in men's shoes, which can be rough from thick thread or an ordinary one, but sewn on such interesting lines in the pattern, which makes this shoes to be masterpieces. For example, I love the inverted rough seams, as well as logo printing that together is changing the look of a shoe, and I would love to adopt and use in women footwear design, but in more naturale way, and without excesses, like in men's shoes. 

 I also love the elegant men shoes, which at first glance appear to be identical and of the same type, but in fact have very many differences. Just look at the leather, which is used in expensive luxury men's shoes, all kinds of shades of brown and genuine luster.  

See some amazing men shoes on my pinterest board

 If you look at men's hand-made shoes, you will be blown away just from it looks and quality. It made in conjunction with the shape of shoes, leather and finishing, you can totally fall in love with a man's shoes and wear only that.
No, I'm not going to make men's shoes now, but I will try to take all the unique elements to my future collections.I suggest you take a look  at this wonderful creation process  of men's amazing footwear by Berluti.

Berluti from Art of Craftsmanship on Vimeo.

Have a nice week!

Feb 19, 2012

Why I love Cristóbal Balenciaga!

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Why I love Cristóbal Balenciaga!

For nearly a year now, I cannot get designer Cristóbal Balenciaga out of my mind. To be completely honest, I did not know about him before that, but ever since I stumbled upon his works on the internet, I keep coming back for more. 
I was amazed by his collections of clothes, especially considering the fact that his career began in the 1930s. I will not mention here facts from his biography or list his numerous contributions to modeling and fashion in general.You can look it up your selves.. Instead, I will simply try to express my fascination with him. 
When thinking about his gowns, the only associations that come to mind are very poetic and colorful. The cut of his gowns is so accurate and masterfully executed, that it seems to me as they are some kind of streamlined living organisms. The lines of his designs are so vivid that they look like some sort  of wet animals, and that’s why each crease and detail in the fabric is accentuated even more.   

The  reason I began the discussion with the cut of the clothes and not their design and it is because in Balenciaga’s case, the cut is the design . There is not a single useless detail that isn't planned to be an  essential part of the cut. He is a Master of his craft not only because his creations are beautiful, but because this beauty was born out of the wish to create new dimensions in fashion while masterfully handling shapes using his unique sense of design.

Perhaps it is exactly due to his excellence as a designer and couturier that I fell in love with the Balenciaga 's works.
Some people go back to reading their favorite book or watching their favorite film in order to cheer themselves. I, on the other hand, go back to browsing Balenciaga’s works.
If uninspired or doubtful in regards to my latest design of shoes, I go back to Balenciaga's designs again and again to regenerate my spirits.
I am no expert, but in my opinion, Cristóbal Balenciaga is one of the forefathers of modern fashion design. Simply Look at the works of Galliano, McQueen or Yamamoto (also some of my favorite designers) and you will see the familiar Belenciaga lines . The silhouettes and the styles of our clothes have been created by him way back in the 1950’s!

Once again, I must say that I am in awe of his art as a designer and a couturier. I think I'd like  to sign off with Balenciaga’s motto, which, I adopted and is now something I strive for: “a Couturier must be an architect for design, a sculptor for shape, a painter for color, a musician for harmony, and a philosopher for temperance”.  

PS: If anyone who has read this blog has any detailed information about Balenciaga that is not found on the internet, I’d be very thankful if he/she could share it with me.

Thank You.
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