Jun 15, 2012

Cutting clothes and a shoe pattern

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Cutting clothes and a shoe pattern

In the world there are so many interesting things! I am always amazed by talented people who can create complex things in a very simple way. In my opinion the approach to clothes modeling of Japanese designer Shingo Sato is genius.
I learned about him accidentally  about 7 years ago after seeing interesting book with patterns and instructions, when I was studying in  Italy. The book was in Japanese, so I didn't know who wrote it. Only now, once again discovering Shingo Sato, I realized that it was his book.
I really liked his way of creating clothing with weave technique . So I decided to try the same principle in modeling shoes when I was at my internship in the "Vicini" factory, and I was allowed to try anything (and I did!).

 That's what came out

Now, looking through his training videos, I find many similarities between his technique called Transformational Reconstruction and how I create model structure on the last, driven by my love for 3 dimensional forms .It inspired me to further my search for the boundaries of the possible and "impossible" in shoe design.  Look at his training videos and you'll understand what I mean.
Here is one of them: 

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