Jul 19, 2012


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Well here I finally sat down to try and make THE COLLECTION, my long time conceived collection, that I'm caring with me for the past 8 years, It actually feels like a really long pregnancy and your bally is getting bigger, but doctor tells you to wait. "The baby just on his 350 week!!!  It all started with my final student project. I designed a shoe sole that integrates into the shoe itself, in other words, the leather sole is the shoe. The project :

Nevertheless, I continue to develop this theme and I want to achieve 

or not achieve the limits of the features and functions of leather soles in shoes. I present to you, my dear readers, the first sample from the collection of so-called "skeleton of a shoe" (I named it), which inspired by the work of one of my favorite architects, talented and unique Santiago Calatrava. http://www.calatrava.com/

You are the first to see the beginning of my collection 
which I will upload very soon to www.kickstarter.com and will try to get me some funding for this project, so it is very important for me to know what you think, what you understand, just give me your thoughts on a subject I'll be really grateful.

Have a nice weekend.
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