Aug 5, 2012

Historical shoes

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       Historical shoes

More that I look at pictures of  historical shoes, more I realize how I love this shoe. They was worn and lain so many ages, and looks no worse than our modern shoes, I would say that the old shoes for me - it is a work of art. 

I close my eyes and imagine how it was made.It was a long and tedious manual labor of shoemakers who created shoes from a sketch  to the handmade pair of shoes. Yes, dear readers, you heard right, until recently, shoemakers were the designers themselves. This term appeared and became popular only in the last 50-60 years, when the whole world, thanks to the popularity of Hollywood stars have become familiar with the names of pioneers - shoes designer, Andre Perugia,  Salvatore Feragamo, Roger Vivier who shod these stars  Historical and designer shoes on my pinterest blog post .  They made the shoes by themselves and introduced many innovations in shoe design. 

 I miss those times, although I have not lived at that time. And I am feeling that this is my longing for those times driving images of my future collection in to my imagination. Too tight, I plunged into the history books, and spend much time browsing in virtual museums of shoes, so it is somehow reflected in my collection, which I now cooking. A very interesting museum, one of them

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