Jun 27, 2012

Ready for the "Kickstarter"

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Ready for the "Kickstarter"

Last night my friend asked me to upload my new project , which I am working on for quite some time, to the www.kickstarter.com. "Kickstarter" is a community of creative people who help each other realize their projects, and it's based on real financial assistance. I'm, as someone who has realized the benefits of the Internet just recently, had no idea of the existence of such groups. At first I thought it was just like facebook where you can gain popularity regardless of the quality of your work or whatever else that you do, which is not my strongest side. But then, looking at the projects uploaded on "Kickstarter", I found there a lot of really cool ideas and talented people. I really liked this social network. Here is where you can get an objective assessment of your work and get real help for projects that would have remained undone. I particularly liked this project:

For all those who have interesting ideas and there is no financial support, I advise you to pay attention to www.kickstarter.com
Good luck to all!
Sveta Kletina

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