Jun 12, 2013

Summer Flip Flop - Step By Step Full Video Guide

This one is a really short post, it's more an update than a post actually. Just wanted to let you know that my new guide "Summer Flip Flop - Step By Step Full Video Guide" is finally uploaded and you can find it here on your right and in "Full Shoemaking Guides " tab.
I'm keeping the same strategy as I wrote in the last post of easy shoemaking. As a footwear designer my approach to shoemaking is also technical and efficient, and if there is a way to make it easier it is the right way for me. Sure, it have to be wearable, strong and most of all a kind of innovation, because my belief is, that without trying new ways, there will be no progress.
This guide is no rocket science, but it will give you new ideas. How to create without using a last, creative technical design and you have the power to change the design itself. Try it out, and I will be happy to see what you get.

Thank you for reading.
Sveta Kletina

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Jun 10, 2013

Design Concept: Collect, Research & Develop

How long it have been? 2 months ? I know, I know I have a lot of explaining to do and I will, but first let me just say it's good to be back, how strange it may sound it's even exciting to type this post on my keyboard, a definite change for me in this couple of months.
I thank you all who emailed me, concerning my sudden disappearing, it's a great and warm feeling to know you care and it surely gave me a lot of strength to keep up with what I was doing. The reason for my disappearing is pretty simple, work a lot of work. I can't say it was not expected, I was willing to take orders and make this collection in a bigger scale but I was not ready for this and you know you are not ready, when there is just not enough hours in a day (and night). There is a bigger story to tell what and how it happened, but I learn my lesson and I even developed new and exciting techniques to help me work faster and more efficient and I didn't forget you. So, remember the book? Design book that I was writing about, just before all this? Well, I made a few serious changes and even added more  great content for your creative minds, like the points you have know  to create correct pattern from the first time.
The book is planned to be available here on my blog on June 15, so I will keep you posted.
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