Jun 21, 2012

Shoemaker- Making a Shoe Pattern

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Shoemaker- Making a Shoe Pattern

I love to travel and, until recently, until I became a mother and wife, all my belongings was placed in a huge suitcase. During my studies I imagined  my life as a concept,  that I will  travel from one place to another, with my tools in the suitcase, doing my craft, making shoes all over the world.

Time passed and things have changed, but the suitcase is still with me. In it I keep some patterns and lasts, and for all my tools and equipment I have accumulated  I had to rent a studio. And now I sit in my studio, thinking about the past and dreaming about the future. It all began with the ordinary course of shoe modeling in Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem. 
Influenced by nostalgia that came over me, I had an idea to show you how to make a basic model (camicia- Italian). Frankly speaking,  it was the thing that draw me to this profession in the first place.

Several comment 1. Cut the attached pattern with a knife, or you can use abrasive paper. 2. At the end of the heel, step in 2 mm to round the corner of the pattern, and draw a line from the middle of the heel to the end. 3. When checking the paper pattern, it should be formfitting the last. 4. For those who have insole ready , should attach the paper pattern to the last together  with the insole.
That's it for today, If got any questions about this post and the video, you can leave a comment or contact me directly. Thank you for reading.

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