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Jun 18, 2013

Here is a Method That is Helping Shoemakers to Make Correct Patterns

You familiar with this situation, when you do something and just cannot complete it because of constantly emerging desire to supplement and improve. My book now at the last editing stage, and will appear on the blog in a few days. Due to the delay, in this and next posts that will come out this week I want to show you a few snippets of it, to somehow compensate you for your wait. Each tutorial - is a small excerpt from the whole and vast parts of my book. Today, using pumps shoes as an example, I want to show and explain, an absolutely important knowledge in pattern making and shoe design, using critical points to make correct shoe pattern.
 You want the shoes sat well on the foot from the first time? No loose ends on the sides! No falling out fingers on the sandals! No too high or too low  topline in
 throat area! No irritating bubbles on the leather!  No, too tight shoes

Sep 24, 2012


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First, my daughter got sick, what can you do, children garden is a pool of diseases , and after her I got sick. But, as they say, every cloud has a silver lining, I got a free week and I was able to work on the project. I draw and sketch, lying in bed, and then noticed that in all sketches, figures constantly present a decorating element that does not carry any function other than decoration. I wondered why I draw this, I do not like just decorative elements. I love it when they are an integral part of the whole pattern. That's why I drew so much and could not understand why they do not impress me. It was just pretty  pictures, but without any thought, empty. They did not inspired me, I just did not want to do them. So I stopped for a moment, trying to remember my original idea. I had to emphasize the natural flexibility of leather and maximal use those characteristic  in my shoe. In my last collection, where the hidden interior of the shoe, which is never seen, I put it all out. My bespoke shoes. This, in fact, the most important structural parts of footwear, made of thick leather. I had enough of the kind of glimmer and at the same time, rough skin, for me to make a simple cut, no tricks are necessary, it walks the walk. In the sole, I use the natural properties of the leather to give the flexibility for the total construction of the shoes. Therefore, wishing to create a closed shoes with no cords, I had to do something that emphasize the importance, flexibility of the sole, and at the same time was decorative element, shoes should be not only comfortable, but also beautiful.
Finally, I drew a sketch, and I liked it.


 Here, the top pattern is designed as a flexible lock attached to a pole-arc on the sole. Thus used the flexibility of the leather in the sole with a specially designed structure of the sole. This is what I was looking for. I hope that my calculations are correct, and I'll get exactly what I planned. I will discover this soon. I do not know if I can make this shoe for the next post but I'll try. Please subscribe to my Email list to get updates.
Thank you for reading.

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Jul 27, 2012

Who can stop the "Super ram"

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                                            "Super ram"

A week ago I had a whole day of running around  all government institutions, where I came face to face with the inhuman face of the terrible bureaucracy. I do not like to deal with all these receipts, certificates, and here I couldn't solved it thru the Internet and  had to come directly to the Institution, where I experienced all the disadvantages of the system led by the indifferent, tired and unhappy clerks for which people - is annoying flies, which they dismiss anxiously. 
I do not know how the bureaucracy in your country, my dear readers, but in Israel it has a fat, ugly face. Frankly, I think that the bureaucracy never has a human face, and we all have to deal with her beastly grin. So after returning home all irritated and annoyed, I wanted revenge! Pretty stupid, and of course useless, but I sublimated all my anger into creativity and made shoes, visually displayed all my intentions. 
  Some would say that it is kitsch, but I love the kitsch, and I just wanted to make kitschy shoes.
present to you my "Super Ram"new pair of shoes for a hike in state facilities, which of course does not really butts, but simply creates a sense of moral comfort in the walls of the stuffy and impersonal system.



Have a nice week end!

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Jul 4, 2012

Shoes, smell of glue, hello fresh ideas!

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    ! Shoes, smell of glue, hello fresh ideas  

Today, I reminisce a time when I was in Italy. I lived in a small village called San Mauro Pascoli , the core of Italian shoe brands, such as Pollini, Vicini, Casadei, Sergio Rossi. Unfortunately, in addition to these Pattractions and beautiful sights, this town couldn't offer anything else. Giuseppe Zanotti himself, The big chief of shoe styles and global commercial success gave us, greenhorn students, lectures. I rented a room at some designer villa, right in front Sergio Rossi and Pollini family houses. When meeting new people was silly to ask what they do, because 90% of the local population were cooked in the shoe business. In short, wherever you look, everywhere, there were the smell of glue, and people, so simple and uncomplicated. This was, of course, a wonderful time, but if I was there again, I would have done things differently. I would, for example, in addition to tuition and indispensable practice at the plant would go as an apprentice to some old shoemaker. To one of those who all their lives making shoes, like they used to make them, all handmade from beginning to the end.
 I always love learning something new, and even now, after many years, I continue to accumulate knowledge in the field of hand-made shoes and thankful for any information. Lately I find a lot of good and quality information in the video tutorials by  Marcell Mrsan, in which, as always, I came across recently on the net. I like his blog and his
and his YouTube channel with tutorials  on creating hand-made shoes. This is probably one of the best sources in this field, which I found on the Internet. Everyone who interested in shoes, I suggest to check out Marcell Mrsan tutorials. For myself, I found many tips!
Happy browsing. See you soon!A

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