Jun 18, 2013

Here is a Method That is Helping Shoemakers to Make Correct Patterns

You familiar with this situation, when you do something and just cannot complete it because of constantly emerging desire to supplement and improve. My book now at the last editing stage, and will appear on the blog in a few days. Due to the delay, in this and next posts that will come out this week I want to show you a few snippets of it, to somehow compensate you for your wait. Each tutorial - is a small excerpt from the whole and vast parts of my book. Today, using pumps shoes as an example, I want to show and explain, an absolutely important knowledge in pattern making and shoe design, using critical points to make correct shoe pattern.
 You want the shoes sat well on the foot from the first time? No loose ends on the sides! No falling out fingers on the sandals! No too high or too low  topline in
 throat area! No irritating bubbles on the leather!  No, too tight shoes

These problems apply to all, and even I, when I was in a beginning of my carrier, I was lucky, I am a happy owner of size 37 and do the fact that all first models developed on size 37, I could try it on myself and fix errors in advance. Therefore, accurate and proper creation of the model took a lot of time. But actually it's all really simple and even ingeniously simple. Each model type and last, has  their points and lines on which these models are built, and by following them you guarantee yourself initially correct execution of a model. Everyone who wants to cut down his work time and effort spent on achieving the correct pattern, I suggest to know these points and the lines, I called them gold points. Within these you can create any design of footwear and be sure that the shoes will be a good fit. They certainly do not replace your expertise and knowledge, but will greatly facilitate the work.

In this video I will show you the golden point for pumps. It is a short video so it shows just the principle of these points, more extensive and not as a schematic information you will find  in my book, where I explain gold points for all types of shoes.

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  1. Why you only showing the points from the outer side? what about inner side?

  2. The annotations are hidden by the little image advertising the sandal video (Good buy btw)

  3. Because when you design shoes (drawing on the last)most of a time you do it only on the outer side and just latter all lines are transferred to the other side.This way, the outer and inner side of design comes out the same(have the same proportions, same lines).it's really hard to explain it all in a couple of words, I will describe every point and lines in the book with more depth. thank you for comment.

  4. Hi Natasha,
    I just noticed this problem, so it is fixed, thank you for bringing this to my attention.
    Have you made the sandals already?

  5. Have not made the sandals yet. Have been concentrating on sewing my husband the pea coat I promised him. But soon its the first day of summer here today

  6. Pea coat! you can do it?! thats cool, my husband would like that too!


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