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Mar 25, 2014

Footwear Design Course Is Now Open And First Tip to Get You Started

Today I'm finally launched my Footwear design course: Knowledge -Technique – Freedom , and I'm very excited as this is very close to my heart, footwear design is what I do. The course is open for new members and will be 9-10 lessons long, you can find all the information at
            Design Courses Is  Now Open
It took me a long time to prepare this one, as I did wanted to make it special and resourceful, excluding all the unnecessary information and digging into my own brain and my own work to find the answers.  As a designer I am always looking for ways to express myself through my footwear design in any shape and in those 6 weeks intensively preparing for this design course, talking design, putting myself under a spot light, asking myself questions , something that I don't normally do. I want to share a tip, that will help you and hopefully even change your perspective on creating your design.
Analyzing myself trying to find working pattern in my work, something that I use always and can't do without I found one dominant thing  and it is  "Activation Words". My Freehand Pattern technique helps a lot to use them and I personally see them as inseparable. It give me the edge and support to find the form that I'm need during creation. Although I hate systematic thinking and equations that is what I found working for me.
Activation words + Freehand Technique = Design

What is activation words? When you describe exact object that you want to create you doom yourself to create this exact object, for example- you want to design flat ballet shoes with bow on the top. That is exactly what you will get.
But using activation words like : Volume, texture, inside out, elastic, blending, interlacing etc.  You free yourself from done objects and you open your work for the creative process that will lead you to create much more than just a ballets with a bow. Understand what quality your shoes should obtain and through technique discover the opportunity of this in design.

 More information at

Kind regards,

Sveta Kletina

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Mar 3, 2014

Unlock Your Creativity At Footwear Design Course

When you are working on the design of your shoes, going deep inside of your imagination, choosing the right lines, navigating your mind between the emotions, looking for inspiration, giving meaning to your design, understanding what you are doing, exploring the unexplored, ..... do you do that or is it sound little bit strange to you?

I'm not trying to make fun of this or another way to create design, but working, learning and exploring footwear design for years I could not ignore some patterns of behavior and understanding of what is footwear design .

Jan 24, 2014

Why you Need To Target Your Design and Free Shoe Pattern Guide To Start Your Work

 Since I started making my shoe pattern tutorials on my YouTube channel I was asked often about how to cover the last  with adhesive tape to easy apply any shoe design on that last. Therefore I decided to write a short guide about it. In this guide I go through each step how I cover the last to make your life easier. 
By the end of this post you will know how to cover the last like a Pro, no wrinkles, no wrong lines, do it right from the start!

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