Jan 24, 2014

Why you Need To Target Your Design and Free Shoe Pattern Guide To Start Your Work

 Since I started making my shoe pattern tutorials on my YouTube channel I was asked often about how to cover the last  with adhesive tape to easy apply any shoe design on that last. Therefore I decided to write a short guide about it. In this guide I go through each step how I cover the last to make your life easier. 
By the end of this post you will know how to cover the last like a Pro, no wrinkles, no wrong lines, do it right from the start!

This days I'm working on creation of maybe one of most difficult and in the same time favorite subjects for me – Shoemaking Design Course. I think, to design it is our chance to reach something beyond our being, it is our chance to give life to something that was not existed before. It is one of the most amazing things that we, human beings, can do:
 To create with our thinking and then with our hands different things in all aspect of our life.  This is such an exciting process, which sometimes can be difficult and even painful due to some objective and subjective circumstance. But whatever the reason, with the right approach, you can turn them into advantages for yourselves and for your creativity.
 For example, one of the stressful reasons that so much affect us, which can even lead us into some kind of ideas block, is the existence of deadline. When we have a deadline, it seems to us at once that we cannot come up with something creative, new, worthy and as a result of this thinking we really cannot think of anything suitable.
 We suffer , and we suffer , and when  a very little time is left before the deadline , a day or two , or sometimes even hours, we suddenly begin to create and accelerate the pace to make it on time , and yes, we do make it on  time .
Where we were before? Why we had a million good reasons for our inaction? What happened in those last two days? Why suddenly we have an idea for a project, and not just one, and we working on a project with double concentration and energy?
 In those two last days before the deadline, we realize that if there was a little more time, we would have done everything better and this happens almost every time.
Deadline can significantly improve our work and creativity, if we could have the right approach to it. But deadline is only serve us as a tool to mobilize our knowledge and skills.
What is a design really, it meaning is- to create something, something new. Creation of this object depends on many varies of components, but one have to be known from the start and it is the final result. It doesn't have to be the flash and bones but the spirit of it. You must know where you are going to understand what you need to create.
You always must remember when you create shoes, that it is not just an object with laces, heel, buckles . All those components must integrate, one should not exist without the other, if you take one out it will all fall apart.
You must consider shoes as an complete construction, where all the parts are committed to one idea. Even more then the technical side of this construction, shoes must influence, meaning: trigger emotion of the observer.  

There are many techniques and tools in design that I gathered over the years that worked for me. I will share with you my most effective methods to improve the way you can express yourself  to become a good footwear designer .
More updates about design course, dates etc I will post here so look for updates.
Now as promised here is your guide how to cover the last in the right way. Click the link bellow and it will take you to the Free Shoemaking Guides & Tips page of my site. You have to sign up for the FREE membership to view the content. Easy as this!


I want to hear what you have to say, please comment and share your creative side.

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