Mar 3, 2014

Unlock Your Creativity At Footwear Design Course

When you are working on the design of your shoes, going deep inside of your imagination, choosing the right lines, navigating your mind between the emotions, looking for inspiration, giving meaning to your design, understanding what you are doing, exploring the unexplored, ..... do you do that or is it sound little bit strange to you?

I'm not trying to make fun of this or another way to create design, but working, learning and exploring footwear design for years I could not ignore some patterns of behavior and understanding of what is footwear design .
Working on and off for the past two months on the design course I was trying to reach inside of my own head to figure it out, how to find the right approach and although I was taught this way and this is how we work in the industry I could not teach you creativity, I could not teach you inspiration, I could not teach you how to find the right filling for each model.
Boss walks in, telling his team of designers, that this season is the jungle theme. Ideas are all over the place, "let's make flower pattern", "alligator skin", "jungle people"....
How to get to the right idea for your design? I could not teach you the creativity but I could give you the right tools for it.
In my design course there will be 2 levels:
1.  At first we will learn the rules of pattern, why are they exist and how to work with them, what you can and can't do and we will look for ways how to break those rules. We will learn techniques and methods and how to apply them in your work. We will work from inside out, because my believe is that when you will gain all this knowledge, it will lead you to creativity and to your own inspiration to find the right design.
2.  Freehand Pattern Technique- This is my creation, this is something that I was working on developing and creating my own shoes for past 6 years. I explained this technique briefly without going into details in my "
Shoemaking & Techniques For Creative Footwear Design"  book, but in this course we will go deep. I will teach you how to work and create forms, how to create volume in your design fast, easy and without mistakes, how to simplify most complex patterns.
To learn this technique you must know the basics and that is why I divided this design course on 2 levels, so there will be now sign ups just for the "Freehand".
Soon I will publish here a date when the course will be opened and it will be hosted as usual at Shoemaking Courses Online.
Here are just some of the examples of what I could achieve with this techniques in footwear design.

Have a great week,

Sveta Kletina

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    1. Thank you Hiker. You welcome to look for more info about my Footwear design course at


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