Oct 9, 2012

The Secret of Correcting pattern shoes by Trippen

Today, luckily I met a friend, shoes designer, he is old school and, of course, I pop the question. I could not get  the exact springing of vamps in the pattern for  men boots. And when I saw him in the parking lot, I asked how to? what am I doing wrong? He explained it to me, while leaning casually on a car, drawing on a piece of paper. I just had to move a point not on the top center of the line, just on the bottom line. Her is the video on how to do it right.

He gave a few more tips, which I will soon share on my YouTube's  channel:

Behind the scenes of shooting


Designer talk : Genius shoes by Trippen 

The last few years I have followed with interest for every new collection  from  Trippen. This is one of my favorite shoe brands, precisely saying designer duet of Michael Oehler and Angela Spieth, whose history is very interesting. You can read more about it on virtual shoe museum

 I just want to pay tribute to their craft, their ingenious approach to the design of the shoe. They are true innovative force of shoe craftsmanship of the 20th century. Look at the pattern of the shoe upper, which feature a new, mostly geometric division of shoe parts that composes the top of the shoe. They have no additional decorative accessories.  Pattern itself is constructed so that the connection seams and cut lines creates decorating elements by themselves.

Their technical approach to footwear , the cut itself is the main decoration of  their shoes and  that's what I really like about their design and it inspires me to find a new cut and pattern in shoe. I can compare the shoes of Trippen with clothes by Japanese designers of the 20th century, where the beauty of clothes  is that it is an unusual cut, emphasized with  monochrome color fabrics

 Another distinguishing feature in Trippen shoes is their comfortable, ergonomic lasts and uppers made of thick but soft leather without lining and without a counter fort.

Many shoe companies are trying to copy them, but they will never be able to approach the perfection of Trippen shoes beauty. Michael Oehler and Angela Spieth are always ahead with their innovation and achievements in design, for which they have repeatedly won in international competitions. I wish them good luck in their further work on the creation of comfortable and beautiful shoes.

Have a nice week and see you soon!

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1. Springing of vamps in the pattern
2. Video on how to do it right
2. Behind the scenes
3. Designer talk Genious shoes by Trippen .

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