Oct 16, 2012

Cristian Loubutin Symmetrical Line folds

I am still working on a new 2013 collection,  having fun working with leather. I like its structure, its plasticity and even the smell. I especially like the moment when, fresh made shoes, are ready to go to their future owner, loudly tapping on my desk. I have one of them drying on my desk right now.      In the process

Here they are on me

Designer Talk
Source: Uploaded by user via Svetlana on Pinterest

Recently I was looking through my collection of designer shoes in pinterest and came across a pair of shoes. What I liked about them is the detail in the heel, that combines the heel upper and the heel,  that creates volume and striking decor. Normally I do not like artificially lined folds, when they are specially shaped and glued. This results in symmetrical left and right pair , which is normaly done. I prefer to let leather free fold to create nature folds. But in these shoes, these symmetrical and glued folds looks different. They are bulky, very juicy and laid out in a pattern so deftly casually that as if they well formed by themselves. Only on the symmetry of the left and right shoe expose their secret. Unfortunately, I have only one picture of the shoes, it would be interesting to see them in full size, from all sides. I do not even knew who the designer is. Only the genuine, patented and known around the world, red sole gives out his name. Of course, you all already guessed, that most likely it is Cristian Loubutin. I'm not a big fan of his talent, all his admirers will forgive me, but this pair of high-heeled shoes I really like. This once again convinces me that you can't discriminate against anything or anyone, and we all should try to avoid generic approach.Have a nice week.

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