Oct 5, 2012

My Secret Skeletons & bridges shoes project and incredible designer Koji Horigome

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  My  Secret Skeletons & bridges shoes project and incredible designer Koji Horigome

Slow and steady wins the race. It's about me, in the sense that the slower I do things, I'm  moving  far away from the goal. According to the plan I had already done the following model from my project "skeletons and bridges." But I only now started to create it. Thank God that I made the pattern pretty quickly. 


Now what remains to check it for errors, cut out the pattern from leather and make the  lasting. But this already is for another day, when the schedule permit it.  

Collection 2012 "Vav" shoes 

Designer talk.

Lately  I am very fond of men's shoes, of course, not all, but a specific designers, so I want to share with you my impressions of one of the most respected designers by me , Koji Horigome. The main feature of his shoe design, in my opinion, are unusually shaped lasts that go beyond the accepted standards in the men's shoes, and not just men footwear.

Amazingly, It does not look like something challenging or with a touch of bad taste, but on the contrary, a very stylish look. You just want to take them and try them on, to make sure how your feet feel in these twin shoes. Yes, yes, the twins shoes and not a pair of shoes. At the first glance that you think you see double, but after looking carefully, you know what is so special in these shoes. In the front part of the left and right toe shoes are identical, and by the rules of shoe technology, they should be mirror opposites. This small change had no impact on his left foot comfort in these shoes, where they are shorter in the big toe, because the length of the shoe last from the heel to the big toe corresponds to the required length for each foot size. Despite this apparent "neglecting" standards, which I always welcome, shoes look elegant  to match any freethinking dandy man. What can I say, I would have bought both myself and my husband, shoes like those from  Koji Horigome.

In this post  I talk about :
1. Slowly, but continue working on my project "skeletons and briges"
2. Welcome to new pattern
3. Collection 2012 "Vav" shoes
4. Designer talk - Koji Horigome

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2. Koji Horigome

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