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Aug 29, 2013

More Shoemaking Courses For Members Only

Finding the right time or anytime at all to write a post is kind of a big deal this week, and all do with shooting the online courses. I'm not complaining , not at all, but I had no idea, how hard it is. Although I have big experience shooting my YouTube videos, this is nothing like that. Light, sound, shooting, close ups, full shoots and all a lot of terminology that I don't understand gave me a different perspective and a huge amount of respect to people of this profession and my team, thank you. 

Now, if I'm in a thank you mode, I want to thank you all who pre-registered for the courses, and your great comments, it's a wonderful feeling to hear people excited about something you working on. So it made this difficult task to be exciting as well.

As I promised here is more updates for online shoemaking courses that I'm working on :

Aug 20, 2013

Shoemaking Online Courses Registration Is Now Open!

Three weeks have passed since my last post and the reason for that is that I was a very busy bee, and this time it's all doing with MAKING SHOES BLOG. Now when my collection is ready and it's on a roll, I am fully committed to you my dear readers.
In my last post I announced that I'm planning an online shoemaking courses, and the feedback that I got from all of you was incredible, you helped me understand what courses are needed, and some of them were way far from my primary plan. Since then I'm tightly working on the courses, and they building up in this massive stream of content that I'm very confident and excited about.
So, here we are three weeks later and I'm super stoked to announce


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