Aug 29, 2013

More Shoemaking Courses For Members Only

Finding the right time or anytime at all to write a post is kind of a big deal this week, and all do with shooting the online courses. I'm not complaining , not at all, but I had no idea, how hard it is. Although I have big experience shooting my YouTube videos, this is nothing like that. Light, sound, shooting, close ups, full shoots and all a lot of terminology that I don't understand gave me a different perspective and a huge amount of respect to people of this profession and my team, thank you. 

Now, if I'm in a thank you mode, I want to thank you all who pre-registered for the courses, and your great comments, it's a wonderful feeling to hear people excited about something you working on. So it made this difficult task to be exciting as well.

As I promised here is more updates for online shoemaking courses that I'm working on :

As we getting closer to the online courses , now you can go to the link below or visit the "SHOEMAKING COURSE ONLINE" tab and pay the membership fee. After the payment you will receive login username and password for the online courses.

(Secure PayPal Payment)

* As some of you asked me about payments, I just want to make it clear, you don't need to have a paypal account , you can pay with your credit card using the same link through paypal or using your paypal account. 

I also want to post here a list of tools and some stuff that you need for beginners as many of you asked me about it.

1. Cutting board

2. Utility knife

3. Skiving knife (visit shoemaker store)

4. Lasting pincers

5. Lasting tacks (nails)

6. Top line tape 4 mm (visit shoemaker store)

7. Reinforcement tape 14 mm (visit shoemaker store)

8. Adhesive tape

9. Sewing machine

10. Veg tan leather 4-5 mm (for outsole)

11. Leather for upper and lining

12. Leather contact cement

13. Dremel drill (optional)

14. Shoemaking rasp (visit shoemaker store)

15. Nonwoven chemical sheet for toe puffs and counters (visit shoemaker store)

16. Shank board and texon board (visit shoemaker store)

17. Cork sheet 2-3 mm

18. Shoe last (visit shoemaker store)

Now as you see the launch day is getting closer and the list of courses is getting bigger,  in the comment below let me know what course excites you the most.

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  1. Waw..... I was sure I would work just on beginner classes, but now I'm sure I need to work also on a moccasins. Don't know when I will do all this, but it sound so good. The weaving with leather, the Beatle shoe...all of this 8 stuff is so good.

    1. You will have all the time to learn it, Step by Step!

  2. I love Tod's driving moccasins would love to replicate them


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