Nov 1, 2013

Great Shoemaking Solutions and Launching New Shoemakers Tools Store Online

Let's say you lasted your shoes, you made your heels, attached your outsoles, you have your new, done, finished pair of shoes. Only thing left to do is to take them off the last. Last week as I finished my Ballerina Shoes Course I encounter a dilemma, maybe not a dilemma, but I wanted to figure out a simple solution for my students to take the shoes off. Now, if you don't have the proper shoemakers tool you can use the hook method: you make a hole in the last, place the hook inside it and using the strength of your feet and rope ,you pull the last out. I find that method not that comfortable to say the least. I wanted to come up with something that anyone can make in their home fast, simple and cheap. So in my last lesson of the Ballerina Course I drilled a hole in a side of my old, heavy sewing machine and placed through it, 12 cm screw with 1 cm thickness, so it will fit the top hole in my last. That's it, simple is this.

You need screw and something heavy, so it will not move when you will pull the shoe. I know many shoemakers with their own solutions and tools for this and other process. So if you have, or come up with your own solution for this or other problems, you are welcome to share it on this blog.
Now as I promised shoemaking courses online platform will launch online store for shoemaking tools and supplies by the end of this week. As I still working on assembling more tools and more suppliers to enrich the platform more products will be added in the next two weeks.

In the online store you will find items like knifes, shank board, texon board, reinforcement tape, topline tape, awl, hammer, shoemakers rasp, lasting pincers and shoe lasts. More products will be added as we go and depending on the demand.
On the launch day of the store I will place 3 types of used lasts on sale in very low price. When I say used, I mean that some worked been done with them, so there are traces of nails and few scratches here and there. You can judge by yourself on the pictures below.

The same new lasts will be available to order as well, but of course in almost double price. The lasts are unique, I designed it by myself, it's suitable for ballerina, derby/oxford and moccasin shoes as well, if you are a member in shoemaking courses you saw me using them in my ballerina course and how to make outsole & heel courses.

Please note, that I have only 3 series of those used lasts, in sizes 37-41 so the quantity is limited and the first one wins.
My dear members of shoemaking courses online, you will receive coupons from 20-50% discount for all of the products in the store, so you can benefit your status as a member of
For my slow internet connection followers as promised, Full Ballerina Shoes Course, will be available in the store during the next week for sale.

Next courses that will be launched this week on shoemaking courses platform will be "High Heel Pumps Shoes Course" for the beginners level and " Ankle Boot Course" for the advanced members, (all courses are available for signed up members) so stay tune.

Now, as we always looking for solutions in shoemaking process I'm waiting for your ideas, so that is what you need to do: If have a great or interesting idea for any stage in shoemaking process to make our life easier, write it down below in a comment, or add a picture we will all appreciate it.

Best regards and nice weekend,


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  1. Where is it possible to buy the lasts and the other materials?

    Sorry if it is a stupid question, but I really want to start making shoes for my future education in footwear design.

  2. Hi,
    The lasts and tools will be available by the end of this week on Shoemaking Courses platform. Here is the link

  3. Can you please explain the difference between all three types of lasts. Is there any except heel high and toe form? Not sure what would suit me most and what to chose.

    1. The Ballerina Last with 1.5 cm is last, on which you can construct only court shoes,except original moccasin.
      The Ballerina/derby/oxford with heel 2 cm is last, on which you can construct court shoes , derby and oxford shoes
      The Ballerina/moccasin with heel 2.5 cm is last, on which you can construct the court shoes and original moccasin as well.

  4. Thank you very much to share this information. It is very useful and informative.

  5. Sorry . i wad looking to find a suppliet of 1mm leathetboard sheet. Can you help me. Ty Andrew


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