Nov 30, 2013

Black Friday Sale and Making Heel Cover Tutorial

My current work schedule feels like one long working day, balancing between making my own shoe orders, shoemaking courses and freelance collaborations takes time, so each day I am thankful that I do what I love, because there is no way I would be able or willing to do anything else. This post was a long coming and I have a lot  to share with you .

I am very proud to announce that, last week " VIRTUAL SHOE MUSEUM" posted a blog post about  "shoemaking courses online" . Very detailed, great post , and it was kind of a weird for me , in a good sense, as a longtime follower of this website to be on it. Not just with my shoes, that  were listed on this website recently as well, but with what I do with this blog and with Shoemaking courses online, something that I am very proud of, something that I invested all of myself and I believe makes a change.  Thanks to that post, since last week, shoemaking courses online getting a massive flow of new members and interest of fashion bloggers, who discover this website for the first time, and that is just great. Big thank you to Liza Snouk, who runs "Virtual Shoe Museum".
 You welcome to read the post in the link below.
My YouTube channel consist more then 40 tutorials and it's easy to get lost, specially with a new YouTube layout. Although I already published a post to help you find my old tutorials on making shoes and you can find it here " Here is a Post That Will Help You Find my Older Tutorials" I still have been asked to show tips and tricks that I already did, so here is the link again.
Recently I was asked by a member to show how to make a pattern and actually to create heel cover from leather. My answer to him was, that I already did, in  " How To Make Rihanna 2012 X Factor Shoes by Yourself " but he couldn't find it, and when he did, said it was too fast for him and he is use to normal speed tutorials that I have on the platform and why there is no voice over, just music.
 It made me think on all of the changes that happened since I started this blog and maybe there is a problem, specially with my long tutorials that I made and I defiantly need to take care of it. So here you go, a short ( 20 min) tutorial on "How to Make a leather cover for a heel".  It's in a normal speed, but there is no me talking like on my courses, maybe next time.

Black Friday
What a great Idea, and always get your interest, the big sales that runs ones a year on what they call BLACK FRIDAY. I don't really know , who invented  it and I don't really care the important thing is that I purchased my new laptop in a great price, and in a couple of weeks I'll be writing a post with it.  That got me thinking, that I should make a Black Friday Sale as well.
So here we go:
Until tomorrow evening you can purchase some shoemaking tools and materials on Shoemakers Store

using this Coupon Code " BLACKFRIDAY"  to get 50% discount 
( except lasts)  for the items that have the "Black Friday" sticker on them .
Lasts you can purchase with Coupon Code 
 "BLACKFRIDAYLAST" ( 25% discount) . Use these coupons code to activate the discount at check out. 
* note:  place the code as it is, with no spaces.

More exciting news with something that already tried to established in a past but had no success, until now! Thanks to the Shoemaking Courses I have got connected with a couple of Italian factories that makes tools and supplies for shoemaking industry and they agreed to deal with small quantity orders.  So next week I will post  a  Tender for shoemaking tools on the platform in very low prices.  The Tender will be for a limited time of 7 days  and Items on the tender must reach their minimum quantity, if not the sale will be canceled and your PayPal payment will be refunded.   Some of the items for example:
Shoemaker Pincers (2 kind)- 15 pc.
Hammers (3 kind)- 10 pc.
Skiving Knifes -15 pc.
Rasps - 10 pc.
Brush- 15 pc

As I said the tender will be limited and if you like to pre order, mail to me your request.

Have a great weekend,

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