Jul 12, 2013

Day 5 : Here’s a Quick Way To Make Homemade Leather Print

The marathon week is came to an end and today I have the last tutorial from this series for you. I hope this week was beneficial and real kind of a marathon for you, it was sure a race for me, making those tutorials every day and I'm sure my family will appreciate the fact that it is all over now. Although it was not a simple task, I really wanted to make things more clear, and that each chapter from the book will be perfectly explained in details. I will continue to explore the chapters from the book in the community page at Google+, so we could move on, and I do have exciting plans for the near future  but let's keep it till the next post.

In the book I gave many examples for decorative design and I mentioned a leather print so, in this tutorial I'm showing you how to make a homemade print on leather. I find it very useful, especially if you are buying leather in small quantities, you will for sure buy some bad pieces that will look horrible and will ruin your shoe and design. Don't throw it out, there is a way to fix it. You can paint and make all kind of shapes in different ways, but today I'll show you my Grunge Leather Homemade Print.
For this one all you need is a candle, leather and leather paint.
Light the candle and drip the hot wax on the leather.
After the wax is cooled down, paint the leather with a sponge. Wait until it dry and remove the wax.

Here is what we get:


Now, this is how you do it, try it at home, it's really easy, actually it is your homework for today.

If you have another creative solution, please share, I 
definitely want to see it.

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