Feb 5, 2013

How to make Penny Loafer shoes with tassels

1) As usual paste the adhesive tape on the last and draw your Penny Loafers with tassels on the same principle as we did with  loafers  in the book(Penny Loafers Full Guide). Only at the point D (reference to the book) from the tongue to the sideline make round transition. Tassels and leather laces visually must continue this transition.

2) To make an exact cardboard pattern for laces and tassels
try to make them first from the leather. Therefore, transfer to a piece of cardboard  line UU1 - the distance between the laces on the tongue, and punch holes in those points.

Thread the leather lace with desired width (in my loafer 

width is 5 mm) thro the cardboard and cut the second lace 

longer, which tassels are attached to. Its length I will adjust 

according to the drawing on the basic pattern.

To make tassels I cut the strip of leather of necessary width 

and make incision. Then I twist this piece to obtain the 

desired thickness of the tassel, and cut the extra leather. Cut the second tassel in the same way. Tie a long lace around the short one which is attached to the tongue. Measure his length on the pattern + 8 mm and cut. Then to its ends attach tassels and check how it looks. Correct if needed(length of the cord, etc.) To see how things look on the pattern, I cut the paper pattern (reference to the Penny loafer Guide), attach the tassels and laces and last it on shoe last.

Now I transfer the leather laces and tassels to the cardboard. 

I double the width of the cord, as in sewing they bend in half 

and stitched.

3) To make one piece basic pattern, I transfer it to a new 

piece of cardboard and on a straight line in a point C 

(reference to the Penny loafer Guide) twirl the pattern. This 

is  how I lay the tongue in a straight line.

4) If you have a high heel, the pattern on the inside is divided 

approximately in the middle of the pattern.

5) The top pattern stays the same as the basic pattern

6) Length piping measured in the same as in the "Penny 

loafers pattern guide". Because in my Loafers the width of 

piping according to my design is 2 mm, overall width of its 

pattern is 2mm +8 mm (to the seam). Sew the piping to the 

upper and turn it inside out, after that sew it to the lining.

7) The lining made the same way as described in the book;

  First method - is divided into the same parts as the top, or second method, with the tab in the middle.

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