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Feb 22, 2014

How to upgrade your shoe pattern in 30 minutes

This post will be short and informative as possible. In my last two posts 6 Best Value Shoe Pattern Making Tips for 2014 that I Use Every day and Why you Need To Target Your Design and Free Shoe Pattern Guide To Start Your Work I delivered very quick but powerful solution tips for you to improve you shoemaking skills. All those guides you can find at in Free Tips & Guides page or following the link in the bottom of this post and sign up for the email list there so you will get direct link for every new update to your inbox.

As my last two posts had so much success and interest, I will not disappoint you and this one will be the same.
upgrade your shoe pattern in 30 minutes

Upgrade your shoe pattern in 30 minutes

Do you have shoe pattern, which you already been using over and over again? Do you want to upgrade it with minimum time and maximum effect? You can upgrade your existing pattern with small changes. Those changes are, adding folds to your pattern. You may create them in almost any place of your pattern, it will look great especially close to the top line and will make your pattern look more complicated when it's not. One condition of creating folds is to hide them under another detail, which will be stitch to it. That's why I added stripe to the top line in my tutorial. This stripe and the detail, where creating folds, this is all your changes in the pattern, because you don't need to make changes to your lining. It will be your guide to correctly assemble the upper with folds.

This is just a short but very useful guide that I use constantly in my own work, you can apply it to your pattern and see the big change that it makes. The wonderful thing about it is, that it takes just 30 minutes or less. Follow the link bellow to see this guide and check my full shoemaking courses online at
Starting new cool course next week, " Fashionable Ballet Flat Shoes From Fabric" check out the pics.

Click here to view the full guide.

Have a nice week!

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Jun 12, 2013

Summer Flip Flop - Step By Step Full Video Guide

This one is a really short post, it's more an update than a post actually. Just wanted to let you know that my new guide "Summer Flip Flop - Step By Step Full Video Guide" is finally uploaded and you can find it here on your right and in "Full Shoemaking Guides " tab.
I'm keeping the same strategy as I wrote in the last post of easy shoemaking. As a footwear designer my approach to shoemaking is also technical and efficient, and if there is a way to make it easier it is the right way for me. Sure, it have to be wearable, strong and most of all a kind of innovation, because my belief is, that without trying new ways, there will be no progress.
This guide is no rocket science, but it will give you new ideas. How to create without using a last, creative technical design and you have the power to change the design itself. Try it out, and I will be happy to see what you get.

Thank you for reading.
Sveta Kletina

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