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Jul 2, 2013

Shoemaking & Techniques for Creative Footwear Design

Finally my book came out. On the way of its creation was a lot of technical difficulties, especially at the last moment, and I sorry for this delay. But today finally I present to your attention my "Shoemaking&Techniques For Creative Design" book and I'm so excited , as if going to school for the first time, because it's my first  book, in which I share with you my thoughts and knowledge about shoe design that I gain through the years, working as a shoe designer and making my own collections.

Here are few screenshots from the book:

This is just a short glimpse for the 47 pages book. I talk a lot about design techniques, few approaches to the subject, so you would be able to find your own way. Actually it is very difficult to label yourself as one kind of designer or a shoemaker as I see it, because to create you need to have the passion and urge to try different techniques, different methods and thats what I try to do in this book.
One of the most important chapters in this book is the "GOLD POINTS" for creating correct patterns and for me, knowing that it is kind of restricted area for most designers just because they lack this information, gives a great pleasure to share it with you. I explain all the points in the book for different types of shoes and how to use it in shoe design.

Another exciting 
chapter, (they all are useful and exciting in my eyes!) is the "Building an entire collection just with 2 types of lasts". I explain the differences in types of lasts and their properties that will help you to reflect it in creating entire collection just with one or two lasts. Using this knowledge and creative design techniques that I present in this book, you will be able to do it.In the book I present one of my past collections that was made only with two lasts, and it looks very different in every model.  
 As well, this is the first time I share new technique that I had developed, the "Freehand Pattern Construction Technique".  It is result of my long time search for easy and more affordable ways to create shoe patterns that would allow me to create complex and interesting designs and patterns. I actually use it to create all of my collections and in this book I share this technique with you.
The book also contains a video tutorial for Freehand Technique and I will show you how to build a 3D pattern in most shortest and easiest way. In the video I'm making 3D element of a rose in the toe area, here's the pic.

I look forward to your feedback and to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you all for support and for great online friendship.
I will run this book with a discount of 20% for the next 2 days, specially for readers of this blog.

The book is in online PDF format, and it's will be downloaded directly from my blog. You will be able to find it here on this post and in the "Full shoemaking Guides" tab at the top of my blog (navigation bar).

Here is the book :

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Jun 23, 2013

Shoemaking with Freehand Pattern Construction Technique

Today we going up a notch,  and I want  introduce you to my "FREEHAND PATTERN CONSTRUCTION TECHNIQUE"  that I developed . I work with this technique and for a very long time , this is the only way I design and construct my patterns, do to one important reason, I can build almost any design that I desire with this technique. Try to think about this technique as you just purchased  a 3D printer and this machine can make your wildest designs.  
 It will be an almost impossible to explain all the technique in this post, but I just wanted to open your mind to the possibilities, because I sincerely use it in my work . In my opinion this is the best approach to shoe design, because it gives me much more possibilities in making creative patterns for shoes.   It promotes an understanding of the shoes as a whole object, which is based on engineering laws, and does not consist of separate parts, as in decorative  design .

I describe the design through pattern more particular in my book and how I use this method to make more creative designs. Here is a short tutorial that is just a little taste of what you can do with "FREEHAND PATTERN CONSTRUCTION TECHNIQUE". In this tutorial I will show you how I transform pump shoes into half pumps- half boots.

Have a nice week!

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