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Oct 24, 2012

Best Effective Method in Shoe Making and Maria Mastori Jewelry

I have said many times that I wanted to make shoes as master shoemakers of the past, but that does not mean that I blindly follow the traditions of shoe making  on the contrary, sometimes I break them. I like to find a shorter and easier way to achieve the result, even if it is not accepted in the footwear techniques, because I always have effective approach for solving the problem, whether it be technical or stylistic.

 Effective means the best for me, for shoe design. If shoes are difficult to sew, that is, its execution takes a lot of time, but that is the way I see it this constructed, for me it effectively to sew how long it will take. Therefore, no matter what, I will always find effective, in my understanding, methods. For example, very often, when I want to quickly check something and I do not have a suitable insoles for shoes, I'm doing it out of the one I have at the moment. 
Maybe this is not quite correct way to make an insole, but it very quickly done and I don't have to wait till the next day to go and order it on the factory. So for me it is effective at that moment, means it is right. For those who are faced with a lack of appropriate insoles in the process, this is little tutorial that will fix the problem.

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