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Mar 14, 2014

25 Tools & materials you need to get started in shoemaking

I have been asked a lot about tools and materials to get started making shoes. So I posted list of  25 must have tools and materials , with which you can start making shoes without necessity of having absolutely all shoemaking staff. That's how I started to make my shoes and till now those tools and materials are still in my first priority of work. I could forgot few items and I'll be happy to know what you use in your work. It will be very helpful to all our shoemaking community, so  leave your comment below.  Follow the link in the bottom to see the full list of shoemaking tools and materials I published it at Shoemaking Courses Online.


1. Cutting board- this is yours work area, and it comes in 3 sizes :
I personally use the 45cm (the first one) as this one is for personal use.

2. Adhesive tape - to make it easy on yourself, please pick up good and quality tape, that holds on the last. There are different widths, 2 cm, 5 cm, 14 cm. I don't like to mess up my workspace with unnecessary things so I use the 5 cm wide tape. Because it is good for attaching it on the last and I cut them when I need more narrow stripes. Check my tutorials I do that a lot, very useful trick.
3. Cardboard- I use it for pattern making, there are many types and most of them are good, but I use Duplex, it's 180-200 gram. It must be flexible but not too flexible.
4. Metal ruler - not less than 30 cm.
5. Flexible Measurement tape - There is a specific type for shoemaking, it doesn't have the iron peace at the end, like the one that tailor uses. If you can't find the shoemaker tape, you can cut off the metal peace but remember to always add 1 cm to your measurements.

6. Compasses - This one will save you a lot of time in pattern making and to be accurate in your work and to avoid mistakes, use it!

 7. Utility knife - He can be your friend for awhile so pick a good one. First of all you will use it to cut your pattern, cardboard, tape and even leather. Beginners also can use it to skive the leather for absence of good skiving knife or skills.  

8. Blades for utility knife- They are not less important than the knife itself. As there are many different knives, there are many types of blades as well, what you need to look for is blades with 30 degrees angle.
9. Shoe last- find the right last for the model that you wish to make. Although, there is last for each model, for beginners I

Sep 4, 2013

The Secret Of Having Multiply Lasts Collection With Only One Last

Almost all women like to wear high heel shoes and even those women who cannot walk with high heels or don't like them, still have in their wardrobe pair of high heels for a special occasion. I am too a sinner and I have many pairs of high heels in my closet. Our need as women to wear them is very obvious, and it is the visual impact of high heels on our physical appearance. We become taller, slimmer and as a result of it we feel more feminine and more attractive. This is despite the fact that everyone knows that wearing high heel shoes deforms the women feet. We know it, but we are ready to suffer to become more "attractive" and younger. You can notice it on some women or seen it in some horror photographs of deformed feet from years of wearing high heels shoes and shoes with pointed shape, where the fingers are clenched and squeezed together.
On such feet you will see the inflamed bone, on the big toe, increased of his normal size and it called "Bunion" by the medical terms. There is more horrible deformations to the foot, but I'm not going to talk about them now.
Almost all women over the age of 50 have the big toe bone sticking out (and not just them). But I will tell you a secret! Do you know that you can have "Bunion" when you wear flip-flops or opened heel sandals without heels stripes?! Who knew, right?
The fact is that during walking, besides carrying the load of our body, we hold the flip-flops by our fingers and this creates double burden on the bone, and it increases with time. Yes, yes, I know, it's also one of my favorite summer shoes and I wear them too. But we must understand that our feet are so sensible, and to keep them healthy we have to know what to wear and how it will influence our feet.

Now let me give you an example. You wear ballerina shoes or pumps all the time and it always fit you perfectly and now suddenly for some reason every new pair of shoes are uncomfortable and you feel this pressure on the inner side of the foot. The thing is that maybe you didn't pay attention to your feet or maybe you did, but didn't do anything about it and now you have the "Bunion". It's not so visible to you, because you don't remember how it was before and bones are not so much sticking out, but a slight increase has occurred. So for those of you who feel uncomfortable in your own shoes, I want to help you out and show you, how you can easily adopt your last to your feet.

1. Find on the last the center of the big toe bone. It is the widest place on the last in the inner side (gold point A). 

2. Attach adhesive tape to this place and draw ellipse form so it center will match the point A. It's represent your big toe bone .

3. Made a pattern of it in usual way. 

4. Cut it out from the thick leather. I used thin veg-tan leather with the thickness about 2-2,5 mm.

5. Skive around the edges on the inner side of the leather. 

6. Anoint contact glue and attach it to last. 

7. Use the send paper to smooth the leather piece so it will create a smooth line with the last .

8. After you finish it wax it. 

Using this way you will fix this problem. This is just a short tip of an full course on "How to change your last in reversible way to fit your design" . It is a great solution when working with multiply designs but having only one precious last, this way you can change the last form and then get it back to its original appearance. The courses will be launch on membership platform at, more information you can find here.

If you find this information useful and you own one or two precious lasts, let me know with the comment below " I need this information".

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