Apr 17, 2014

New Collection, new projects and creativity in my life

As it was long coming and I did stretched this as I possibly could, but I am finally in a stage of finishing my new footwear collection. I think it's a first time in years that I had the total idea and final designs for my collection even before trial and error, frustration, sleepless nights etc.. This time I knew exactly what I wanted to do, but as funny as it sound I couldn't started until recently, I was too busy. Between getting my orders done, my online courses, lecturing in a local College and designs for a clients, nothing gives me such a satisfaction and excites me as transforming my ideas and designs from my head into a real pair of shoes. That is a great feeling, that reminds me why I started design shoes in the first place. 
 I could not, unfortunately, share the designs of my collection with you, not yet! But, I do want to share my ideas and inspirations behind this upcoming collection.
Natural environment and nature always had impact on me and my work, and specially in this collection. Introspect on organic forms, trees and their structure inspired me to create shoes that had the same structure, same exact form but different details inside and around them. Same structure when you give it details different texture, different dimension, shape and integration between them separate same visual objects by giving each of them new meaning, and that was my goal.
Here are couple of pics of me making the first prototypes , and pay attention to the heel, I made it myself, which is little bit crazy as I'm not going to do it in the production but that was something that I needed to do and I'm glad I did. 

Moving along to my online courses, on the last week I made another lesson of a Footwear design course and although it is a design course I talk a lot there about structure, pattern rules and foundations as I believe technique and knowledge will set you free.
I this lesson I teach how to design Derby and Oxford shoes, their structure, rules and how to design them on the derby last. The question was asked- "what if I don't have a derby last?". Well, I did not wanted to explain it in this course as it have nothing to do with footwear design, but there is a certain way how you can use your pump shoes last to make on them your derby and oxford designs. Now, If there will be enough interest from your side I will think of doing a special lesson on the platform just for it. So to make it happen, go straight to the site and leave a comment here:


Yesterday I published new upcoming and very exciting section on the platform about making Kids Shoes, that will be divided on, shoes with and without a last, to make our children, good looking, quality, shoes to wear.

Here is a link for this post.   


Have a great weekend ,


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  1. you are amazing doing all of this stuff!

  2. I will be interested in studying the design courses after I am further along with the technical courses...first things first. I appreciate your expression of how understanding the construction and ultimately design are empowering. I have experienced this with fashion sewing and tailoring, and other crafts relating to home construction, and empowering is an understatement. I look forward to unlocking more within myself, and I am so pleased you can help show me the way. You have a gift in showing others how to unlock their potential within. ELF Dallas, TX.


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