Apr 2, 2013

Creative Pattern Making As a Key For Wining Design

This post is all about my new book that is coming out by the end of next week, which I'm very excited about. I'm very confident and thrilled about this one, because it has to do more on my field of expertise that is footwear design.

As my experience taught me, the best designs are emerges from creative pattern making. In this book I will give away my best tips on how to create any shoe design, from creatively approaching pattern making if you want to build entire collection or just a shoe for yourself and much more. I will probably place more updated information about the book, before launching it on the blog, so stay tune.
More than that, I finally updated my last collection, so I wanted to share this one with you as well. The concept behind it and what inspired me to create it the way it is.  


The fact that these shoes, imprinted with signs of life, are made for women, is very symbolic for me. This is what, in my opinion adorns every woman throughout her life and in the same time become a sin in a world where women age has to cover up, hide or cut it out.
Woman, your story is what makes you unique, one of a kind, a reflection of wisdom and beauty that has to be loved and appreciated. 

Under the influence of the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-sabi, I wanted to create shoes that would retain the history of their creation, clearly conveying the atmosphere and spirit of creation. Hammer strikes, nail prints, abrasions and cracked skin - that is what always accompanies the creation of shoes, but always hidden within, smeared and shaped out. 
New shoes are faceless, with no history and only the owner will eventually make their story.
I wanted the shoes to get to the owner, new but with a story, with history of its creation.

Therefore, to show the beauty of the process of creating this shoes,  I turned them inside out.  What is usually hidden inside the shoes, I revealed, exposing internal components. Those leather details maintain the entire history of  a shoe.

To make those shoes I developed untraditional technique, "Inside Out", that allows me to reuse vegetable-tanned leather as a new solution for recycling leather. Therefore, the story of those shoes is never over, it maintains their history and reborn again. 

My new collection "Reveal Raw" is all about going back to the roots of my work, of things that I love, my inspirations. Leather has amazing abilities, knowing the properties and the quality of which, you can create any form, any volumes, it is a sculpture that I will create.

Thank you for reading.


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  2. Is this e book still coming out?


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