Jan 9, 2013

Learn to Make an Insole Pattern and New Full Guide for Penny Loafer Shoes

After the holidays, as always, there is a lot of unfinished business. I'm working on one shoe last, well checking if it's right, and then basing on this last I want to build another one. That is by the way what I do, I construct all my last.

 Lack of normal production of shoe lasts in Israel (as well as all other services of the footwear industry) leaves me no choice as to construct it by myself, to achieve the desired result. Just between us, to be honest, through trial and error, I learned how to make shoe lasts. But as much as difficult as it might be, it gave me the freedom to make any type of shoes that my imagination creates and that is all I want.
So at the same time I decided to show you how I make inside, solid insole pattern. It is based on the midsole pattern (link to video), but we need to add a small change to it:

1) On the inner side from point A to point B through C1 draw a smooth line. 

A and B - the centers of the outermost places on the inner side of the insole .Point  C1 we get as we add 5 mm to point C, which is located in the middle of the line AB.

2) In the front of the insole through the point D1, after applying the midsole pattern , draw a new line.
DD1 = 1.5 mm and 2 mm (depending on the shape of the last front).

I'm very excited to announce that I finally completed  my second eBook or Guide if you like, on how to make Penny Loafer shoes, with full description, drawings, and step by step videos, including pattern making, cutting leather pattern and assembling. I was asked about this tutorial guide by a lot of people, but because of the tight work  schedule that came over me It took me a long time, as long as 2 months. Sorry for the long delay but finally, it is ready, and everyone will be able to find it on my website or here on my blog (look at your right).

Have a nice week and see you soon!

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